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"del giardino Degrassi"

"Jira-Gaia del giardino Degrassi" - ÷HZB ÷P 1115 Reg

Daughter of "Una" and Great-great granddaughter of "Bimba"


Jira - 9 weeks old

Jira was born on April 30th, 2017. She is a calm and balanced bitch.


On May 13th, 2018 Jira started her first show in Wieselburg - in youth class - and she received the form value "Exc.2" from Tibor Havelka (SK).


On May 22nd, 2018 the adult's investigation was carried out in Jira: she has a complete scissors bit, a healthy heart, no patella dislocation, MPP freely (eye disease would pale) and is free of hip dysplasia - "HD-A".

Adult's investigation HD-evaluation